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Management Systems

A management system represents the policies, procedures and practices that define an organization. Get certified to ISO 9001 or use Canada's Business Excellence Model to achieve Best in Class.


Process Improvements

See how the revolutionary Appreciative BPR™ process improvement approach can transform your processes from mediocre to innovative.


Strategic Planning

Use the Balanced Scorecard method or AI SOAR Framework to ensure that the Strategic Planning process creates a healthy, collaborative organization.


Evaluations & Assessments

Make sure that your program, processes and structures are meeting the needs and expectations of their stakeholders.


Quality Management and Organizational Excellence

Conscious Human Intention in the Workplace

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Download an abbreviated form of the research paper here

In late 2014 an academic study about conscious human intention in the workplace, and its effects on improvement initiatives within Canadian organizations, was completed  in conjunction with a business masters thesis through the University of Leicester. As a part of the study, Canadian workplace employees across Canada were asked to take a survey about the experiences involving their last workplace improvement initiative. The invitation was sent to project managers, quality professionals, LEAN and Six Sigma practitioners and Change Management professionals through associations and other organizations within those communities. Thank you to all who participated.
Conscious Human Intention

Get the Study Results!

You are invited to download the results of this study.  Please click on the link below to access the pdf file.

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Download this file (Conscious Human Intention and its Effects on Improvement Initiatives.pdf)Conscious Human Intention and its Effects on Improvement Initiatives 2074 Kb

It's Always About the Bottom Line

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We feel that training should add to the bottom line and not be just an expenditure to organizations. That's why we strive to make our training into workshops that create waste avoidance improvements right away just by having employees in the training program, and why we focus on providing our workshops on-site at our client's location - so that the learning experience is personal.

Our POWER BPR™ workshop teaches the tools & techniques as participants apply them to actual improvement projects. DOE Made Easy™ allows the participants to build experiments for an actual process that they want to optimize. FMEA Made Easy™ uses the organization's own designs and processes to brainstorm areas that require preventative action.

Any organization, private or public, can see the benefit of eliminating waste and inefficiency - providing the means to do more of what you really want to do with the same amount of resources.

Gearing Up for the 21st Century

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Very strange and wonderful things are being discovered in this new century of ours. Like the power that positive visioning has when seeking innovation; or the studies within Quantum Physics that have shown our universe is not defined until we define it. These theories and more will change our way of life, and the way we approach success in the workplace. While continuing to provide the tried and true traditional tools and techniques that bring success, HUMAN is determined to be a pioneer and partner in the new era of management thinking as well.

This means that you might find some different viewpoints on this website. That's because what we think crazy today might well be accepted fact 100 years from now.

New HUMAN LogoWe'll even be changing our logo to reflect this exciting era and our focus on the human element of business. Keep watch on this website for exciting discoveries, articles of interest and new products and services that will help your organization reach its zenith!

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